Budget Recording Studio Toronto

Live Off The Floor Recordings
Note: Recording currently unavailable due to renovation

Our Recording Studio

We offer an affordable quality multi-track recording option in a relaxed live-off-the-floor setting that’s better than home-recording and a cheaper, less intimidating situation from a professional isolated recording studio.


These recordings are perfect demo’s for:

– Cover bands to represent their “live” sound for soliciting gigs
– Original bands to cut tight bed tracks, and overdub more later
– Bands to evaluate and revise song arrangements, band sound, group cohesion and musicianship
– Bands to give to auditioning prospective band members to learn material

A tight band, in theory, can capture and make available these recordings for download and sale.

Recording Studio Pricing

RATE: $150 for roughly 3 hours (2 hours recording + 1 hour set-up/tear-down)

Additional time available for $30/hour

Note: the rate for 3 hour rehearsal is $60, so recording is only $90

You will get a Stereo mix of your session WAV, AIFF or MP3 format.